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This blackjack variant boasts two very rewarding side bets in addition to all the regular side bets on offer.
This blackjack variant has some really enticing side bets.
This game has a very enticing main game and two rewarding side bets.
It's the same as standard Live Blackjack, but its party-infused theme definitely makes it quite special.
This game has all the perks of standard Blackjack and can accept an unlimited number of players.
This game is designed to improve blackjack playability.

One of the table games that used to attract players most in land-based casinos was blackjack. This is mostly because the game was usually being played by high-rollers, people who led lavish lives and enjoyed spending and winning more.

This, on the other hand, inspired many movie producers to create movies that would capture the thrill and excitement of the action in blackjack. And all of this made blackjack one of the most popular table games of all times.

But with the invention of the internet, people got an even more convenient way to get access to and play blackjack. What’s more, blackjack became more available, since online, you don’t need to place that big bets as you are supposed to in brick-and-mortar casinos, and you can play it on any mobile device. And that’s not all.

While in land-based casinos you would rarely get to play different variants of blackjack, you have plenty of options online. You get to play the world’s most popular video blackjack versions, all at one single online casino. Software providers have managed to adapt them to the online gambling standards. They have made them with pretty simple gameplay, so that any player, new or experienced, can just load them and enjoy them.

However, as years passed by and new technologies started getting used in online gambling, Live Casino game versions were created. Developers needed to do something more, to create an environment that would be as close to land-based gambling as possible, so they created the ultimate games, Live Casino games.

Playing Live Blackjack

If you’re up for an excellent blackjack experience but you don’t want to visit brick-and-mortar casinos, you have to try Live blackjack. It is not any different than playing at a casino floor since developers make sure to provide you will all the enhancements possible to provide you with a seamless gambling time.

The beauty in Live blackjack is, of course, that you get a real dealer in front of your eyes, via an HD stream. You’re able to communicate with the dealers, to appropriate limits, and you get to really feel like you were sitting on a blackjack table at the Caesars Palace in Vegas. You can see your chips and cards from many different camera angles, and you get the same possible bets you would at a land-based casino.

And the best part is that it all happens in real-time, at the moment you’ve joined the game, and you’re not playing against a computer but a real human being. How much closer to real brick-and-mortar gambling can it get?

Well, not only closer but also better. The thing with Live Casino games is that they often come with bonuses, promotions, tournaments and even jackpot side bets. This is something you can rarely get in land-based casinos. And that’s the reason why more and more players love playing Live blackjack over any other version of it.

Top 3 Live Casinos

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$/€1000 on first 3 deposits

The Best Live Blackjack Variants

If you go to online casinos that offer Live Casino games, you will notice that there are many Live Casino games developers, each offering something unique, something innovative in its games. These developers actually compete against each other in which one will develop a better Live Casino variant of the most popular table games.

And while not all of them have their own version of all casino games, almost all of them have a version of blackjack. There are small differences, variations in the game’s basic rules or bet options, or other special features that make their versions differ, and thanks to that, Live Blackjack players have many variants to choose from.

But the best ones are probably those developed by the leader in this category, Evolution Gaming, then Ezugi and then NetEnt Live. Their Live Blackjack variants come with sexy dealers, innovative features and the most impeccable stream and production.

While Ezugi’s version is based on the classic blackjack rules and gameplay, you will benefit from Bet Behind and the chance to place side bets.

Perfect Blackjack

Perfect Blackjack is the Live Blackjack version that comes out of NetEnt Live’s studio. The main difference between NetEnt Live’s version and other versions available out there are the RTP and the autoplay functionality. In fact, this is the only version of Live Blackjack that offers the autoplay functionality, allowing players to auto-double down or auto-split! The RTP, on the other hand, is the best that you can get, of 99.5%!

Infinite Blackjack

Evolution Gaming, on the other hand, has created this Infinity Blackjack version that allowed an unlimited number of players to join the table, and never wait for a seat again. Then, it created an even better variant of this Infinity Blackjack, called Free Bet Blackjack. As its name implies, players playing this version have access to free bets in addition to the unlimited seat option. Free Split and Free Double Down bets are at their disposal on qualifying hands.

Live Infinite Blackjack screenshot

Live Infinite Blackjack screenshot

Live Blackjack FAQ

Can I Try Live Blackjack for Free?
As you can see, the action on Live Blackjack is happening in real-time, with real dealers handling your bets and cards. Therefore, you cannot just join and ask to play for free, when other players are respectfully placing their bets. But what you can do is join an online casino, and load the game to watch how other players behave.

What Kind of Bonus Can I Get When Playing Live Blackjack?
While you might find a bonus specifically for Live Blackjack in top online casinos, usually you can claim the bonuses for Live Casino games. These may include Cashbacks, Live Casino Welcome Bonuses, VIP Campaigns, and even tournaments that you can participate in and play to win a certain prize.

Are the Live Dealers Speaking Any Other Language than English?
In short, yes. There are Live Blackjack games with Latin and Asian Live Dealers, so you may get to play in Spanish or Chinese. However, there are also European Live Dealers that speak many other languages like Swedish, Bulgarian, German and French.