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The continued growth of game shows and Pragmatic Play’s success made Boom City Live inevitable. Another Live Casino Game Show is always fun, and the developer behind Boom City Live made sure to make it irresistible. With dice, a large board, and several extra features, it can create wins of up to 20,000x!

Such an intriguing title is bound to draw plenty of attention. This review will discuss what Boom City Live offers and whether it is worth our time.

How to Play Boom City Live

Boom City Live uses two dice and a sizeable six-by-six grid. The grid randomly draws multipliers, a bust icon, or bonus symbols. The multipliers grant a corresponding cash prize: 1x, 2x, or 5x. Meanwhile, the bust icon results in a lost round. Drawing any of the bonus symbols activates their extra feature.

Here You Can Play Boom City Live

The size of the grid is no accident, either. Each position on the playing field corresponds to one of six die sides. The two dice roll with each round to determine what symbol gets drawn. The golden die picks the vertical column, and the blue die picks the horizontal column. The RTP for Boom City Live is 96.43%.

Game Features

Pragmatic Play filled Boom City Live with numerous exciting bonuses. The Power Up feature requires you to draw the corresponding Power Up symbol from the grid. The bonus turns bust symbols into 1x multipliers and increases the value of other multipliers. The Power Up also applies to bonus features! After increasing rewards, it grants a free dice roll, giving you a chance at winning the boosted prizes.

Dice Battle is another straightforward bonus. Pick the blue or gold dice at the start of the round. The two dice will roll, and each number they show adds to their point total. After three dice rolls, the two values get compared and transformed into multiplier wins. Correctly predicting the winning side grants both the winning and losing multiplier as a reward. Pick the losing side, and you only get the losing side’s multiplier.

You play Boom or Bust on a separate six-by-six grid. The bonus comprises several levels, which players have to advance through. Each level has multiplier rewards and bust icons. Landing on the multiplier moves you forward while hitting a bust ends the feature. Each time you reach a new level, you achieve a new safe value. That way, you get some money even if you lose the feature.

Boom or Bust Bonus Game

Lucky Drop features a six-column playing field, with each column corresponding to a die side. Players pick a column, and then the game rolls the dice six times. Each time the dice roll the selected number, its multiplier reward increases!

The developer added a live chat function, allowing us to talk with the host and other players.

Video Performance

Pragmatic Play broadcasts this game show from their dedicated studios, ensuring 4K cameras and low latency streaming. That provides a top-notch experience for players, allowing them to drink in the gorgeous visuals and exciting action! The user interface is easy-to-use and does not get in the way. It also functions phenomenally on desktop and mobile devices.

Our Thoughts on Boom City Live

Boom City Live is a creative blend of physical randomness and digital RNG working together. It is also a triumphant addition to Pragmatic Play’s game library, positioning it as a serious contender for live dealer king! If you like live casino game shows, you owe it to yourself to try this one.