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Side Bet City rolls back the years and takes its players all the way back to 1985. This 80s themed poker extravaganza is full of bright and illuminating lights and brings back that 80s feeling.

However, the live casino game wouldn’t be as popular as it is if it stayed true only to form. After all, a game which doesn’t have any substance will not survive for long. Fortunately, Side Bet City has spades of substance.

The game enables players to bet on a win for a 3-card, 5-card, and 7-card hands. Players can also bet on other options such as All Lose or on a combination of these bets. Side Bet City is fast-paced, simple and, most importantly, enjoyable live poker variant.

Where to Play Side Bet City

How to Play Side Bet City

Side Bet City is streamed live from Evolution Gaming’s high quality European studios. The Side Bet City studio looks and feels like out of a Miami Vice episode. There are neon lights, 80s memorabilia, and an arcade feel all round the studio.

The live dealers are also dressed to play the part. The male dealers in particular look and dress like Don Johnson and have that Florida and Miami 80s feel. This all makes for an authentic 1980s feeling which is sure to take your mind of things happening right now.

In addition to the studio and the dealers looking the part, Side Bet City also comes with some state-of-the-art graphics. The different hands and their respective odds are shown perfectly in the right hand side of the screen. Furthermore, only with a touch of a button, players can expand the live chat option and communicate with others.

Another interesting feature of the game is that an unlimited number of players can join in. An infinite number of players can play Side Bet City simultaneously.

Finally, Side Bet City is a fully licensed and regulated card game. This is because it is licensed and regulated by some reputable regulatory bodies. These include the Maltese Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

Game Features

Side Bet City is a simple game to play and bet on. The first thing which happens is placing bets. Players can place a bet on the 3-card, 5-card, 7-card, and All Lose outcomes. It is important to know here that the 3-card bet is the easiest to come to fruition. The next is the 7-card bet, while the 5-card bet comes with the highest odds.

Once the bets have been placed, the dealer deals the seven cards, which are all from one deck. The first to be dealt is the 3-card hand, followed by two sets of 2 cards. These form the 5-card and 7-card hands.

Players might think that it is difficult to know when you have won, but it is actually the opposite. As soon as the hand that a player has backed has won, a winning message is displayed. The same is done for all winning outcomes, including the All Lose one.

Players can freely back any bet they like or make their own combinations. This means that players can back the 3-card hand and the All Lose side bet. The All Lose can serve as sort of an insurance bet here.

As we already said, backing the 5-card hands pays out the best. This is because it is the most difficult of all the options to guess right.

Finally, a really nice feature of the game is the winning card hands display on the right of the screen. This shows players when there is a winning hand. What’s more, the display shows winning hands while the cards are still dealt. As such, it is a really nice addition especially if you are new to the game.