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When it comes to live casino games, we all tend to picture a certain scene in our heads. You know, the usual – beautiful dealer, posh interior, and half a dozen camera angles pointed at the table. And there’s a reason why this comes to mind – it resembles what land-based casinos look like, which is the main reason why people play at live dealer tables. Driving to a venue and being there until 2 am is much more tiring than it sounds. Does that mean classic live casino games are perfect? Well, no, and providers like the Serbian stalwart Fazi have to say something about that.

Sometimes, you just want to relax and focus on the gameplay. All the options in the UI, the dealer talking, as well as the bustle in the studio – all of that can be distracting. That’s why Fazi entered a particular niche – auto-roulette. But make no mistake, this company does much more than put a mechanical wheel and let it spin the whole day. Bear with us, and you’ll see what Fazi live dealer games are made of.

What Live Casino Games Does Fazi Have?

Let’s just get this out of the way – if you’re expecting to see a variety of exotic tables, you’ll be disappointed. Of course, this is a disadvantage if you’re the type of guy/gal that likes to switch things up. But on the other hand, if your main goal is to relax and avoid the usual hustle and bustle of casino games, you’ve come to the right place. Again, Fazi live casino software was never touted as something that’s going to encompass a plethora of different genres. Instead, this scoreboard manufacturer-turned live dealer provider focuses on one thing, and one thing only – live roulette.

Fazi live roulette

The main part of the portfolio relies upon auto roulette. Some people just don’t like silence or playing at mechanical wheels, but we’ll still try to be as objective as possible. So, let’s start off w with Live European Roulette. It’s your basic everyday table, targeted at everyone that doesn’t like gimmicks. What’s interesting is that the stream isn’t coming from a studio, but from an actual betting shop. The stream quality could definitely be a bit better, but the number of available side bets makes up for that.

Our favorite in Fazi’s catalog is the jaw-dropping Triple Crown Roulette. We’ve seen tables with multipliers or exotic side bets, but three rings spinning at the same time? That’s definitely unheard of. The game works on the basis of a regular European wheel, with 37 numbers. When the ball is ejected, it only falls into the innermost ring. However, the other rings also spin, causing an alignment of numbers. And that’s where the fun begins, mainly through some creative poker-themed side bets. A Flush is when the three aligned numbers are the same color. If you decide to try out the Pair bet, you’re banking on two of the three numbers being the same. But the real jackpot hides in the Triple Zero bet. If, by some miracle, three zeros align, the payout is 1,000:1. Sure, it’s a long shot, but we can’t help but admire the creativeness.

Technically speaking, they do have regular live roulette tables, but using this moniker may be a bit of a stretch. Live Lux Roulette has some beautiful ladies present, and the camera angles are well thought-out, but they don’t do anything. And the wheel is still mechanical! Whether this is for entertainment purposes or not, it’s not clear. It’s not too bad, though. The interface is smooth, and the side bets are all there. Live VIP Roulette is pretty much the same, with increased betting limits.

Fazi Software Features

It’s honestly hard to gouge any specific features when looking at Fazi’s portfolio. The main and all-encompassing detail is the fact that all wheels are mechanical. While they may not be as fun as regular roulette wheels, they remove the possibility of human error from the equation. However, most live dealers are well-trained, so bias is rarely ever a factor.

Their most significant strong suit is the number of creative side bets they’ve implemented. The Red Snake comes to mind. You can try it out while playing Live VIP Roulette. It’s basically like betting on red, but you’re not aiming for every red number. Triple Crown Roulette, though, is the king of this side bet-heavy approach. Fazi took it upon themselves to mix poker and roulette, and give it a futuristic twist on top. The game garnered rave reviews at gaming expos around Europe, so we believe it’s definitely worth a shot. Live casinos are all about having fun, and what’s more fun than trying out new games?

We love the interface, as well as the simple and no-nonsense approach. Again, if you prefer fanfare, fancy animations, and other visual features, you will be disappointed by Fazi live casino games.

Should You Play at Fazi Live Casinos?

Since this is a roulette-only provider, we believe you should give them a try if you like to play a few spins here and there. Honestly, there are better auto-roulette tables from other studios, as well as games with dealers who actually participate and chat to players. The real reason you should try Fazi tables out is Triple Crown Roulette. It’s probably the most unique live dealer game that still retains most of the elements of its original inspiration.

Adding three roulette rings into one wheel is madness, but Fazi pulled this off masterfully. This move garnered a significant amount of hype, which lead to an increase in the number of sites offering it. They still got ways to go, and not all is fine and dandy, but they have the most important quality a live casino provider can have – creativity. If they make the right decisions and spend a bit more time fine-tuning the details, they will ascend to the highest echelons of the iGaming industry. But for now, we can’t give them too high of a score, unless they improve.